Yes this is a bike helmet.

One thing you will find out when starting out biking is there are a lot of helmets to choose from.  I was so pumped to find the YAKKAY brand.  Not only is it stylish, but it is super safe.  It is no coincidence that YAKKAY was founded in Denmark. The fact that the people of Denmark are among the most bike-riding and design-loving people in the world inspired a group of leading Danish designers to initiate the company.

The company allows you the flexibility to build your own helmet.  You choose the base and cover style, so it gives you a personalized look and feel to suit your own taste.

I am eBike Strong.

eBiking is my passion.  It is healthy, positive, exciting and stimulating.  Fair warning:  you better plan to pay attention if you plan to ride an eBike.  Trust me, you can wipe out and these things are heavy so safety and helmets are a must.  If you can commit to riding while being aware, it’s a lot of fun.  IT IS GREAT EXERCISE.  You get out.  You see things you will never see otherwise.  It provides peaceful mobility. It gets your heart rate up.  It helps you lose weight.  When is the last time you ever thought you could ride 10, 15 or even 20 miles without first getting in typical biking shape?  First ride out. What’s your excuse?  Start riding.  Start living.  Find your super power.  Seriously.  Do a demo at your local bike shop.  It will change your life.